Internship Opportunities


Hi there.
Interested in taking up an internship program?

Who should apply?
Students undergoing polytechnic studies, undergraduate and postgraduate studies are welcome to apply. All may apply regardless of university; both local and overseas which includes overseas university programs based locally in mediums such as PSB Academy, MDIS, Kaplan, SIM and etc.

Few things to note before you proceed to apply.
1. This is a paid internship.
2. The program is 6 months long.
3. Working hours are flexible and can be accommodated to your study schedule.
4. Only 1 vacancy per position available.
5. Singaporeans, PRs & foreign students may apply.

Positions Available:

1. Growth Manager
Suitable for sales & marketing & business students.

Responsibility includes generating growth campaigns both online & offline, acquisition projects across Asia; mainly covering Malaysia, Taiwan & Hong Kong. Negotiation for collaborations. Opportunities to fly abroad (for work purposes only)
*Students skilled in illustrator would have an edge over others.

2. Graphic Designer

Suitable for art students in most field.

Specialising in designs, especially in poster layout, website designs, app designs; UI/UX etc. To support growth department in their online/offline campaigns, offering them assistance in terms of design and whatnot. No experience is needed. You will be provided a holistic work experience, not only should you be designing what’s needed by the growth team, you are encouraged to also come up with your own effective campaigns. May convert to be part of marketing/growth team overtime.
How to apply?
Email to with the following:

1. Resume.
2. Latest school grades.
3. Relevant portfolio/projects (growth manager applicants can submit past proposals on how to heighten brand awareness/increase sales/conversion/account renewal and any other growth related campaigns; both offline and online.

If shortlisted, remuneration & minimum hours to be committed can be discussed taking into consideration your school schedule. We look forward to having you on board!