What is Bitehub?

Many of you would be familiar with food applications such as UberEats, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Hungrygowhere, Deliveroo, Food Panda, Burpple or even Zomato. Some of these applications deal mainly with food delivery for a fee while some offer you insights on the kind of food/quality you can expect to receive through ratings & reviews.

Chances are that you probably have a Facebook account, and you are quite active on it reading articles, watching videos, checking in at places & sharing things with friends!

Bitehub is everything above, all put together in a single application! So what makes us different? Everything. You will find no review option, nor would you find a rating button. So how then do you rate the place? You don’t. The charts are calibrated through the number of visits a place receives, and if you don’t find the food good, or if you find the service really bad, don’t go back. Going back again? The food must be good & that is what’s most important.

Social platform features are incorporated within the app, and for every activity you participate in; checking in, sharing of videos/articles, inviting friends to download the app and many other in-app activities, you earn points which goes towards various tiers when accumulated. Ok points & status. Respective to status, users enjoy various discounts, and reduced delivery fee. Or maybe, free delivery!

There will be many more interesting features within the app. Enough of the wordy explanations, let us offer you a quick brief-through on what you can expect to see in the app!

We bring to you trending places in your area and around the country based on where your friends and everyone else have been dining at. The application acts as a special tour guide when you are outside your home country too! We got you covered in all the MUST-EATS in the right places, along with special tourist deals! Check out what’s good, not only in your home country but also everywhere else!

south korea live stream food
Love watching videos of food? Live streamings and uploaded content of food, from all around the world, in the app! Find out what’s good and star them in your food diary before flying off!

too expensive
Food delivery services. Yay. Deliveries for our partnered merchants are available at reduced fees, or even free! How?! Find out this October.

social platforms

Everything combined, but only food! Paradise, yes we know.

like us on fb

There are a few other key features within the app, and if you would like to find out more, like us on Facebook and be updated on the latest happenings!

Bitehub will first be releasing the application in the following countries: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Japan & Malaysia. The app will subsequently be rolled out to the rest of the countries.

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